Hotel Kodra

Lagjia 11 Janari Rruga Zejtareve, Gjirokaster Albania
069 406 2661

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In 1944 in this place was the house of Kodra family, also (Nishani),a stone characteristic house with an otoman style.
Beside the house,was the prefecture of Gjirokastra,which was different in style with our house.(Italian style)
After 1944 this house was taken by force by the government.
Later on,this house was used for offices and in 1953 this house was burnt and the government rebuilded the cultural palace,which resisted up to 1986.
After a short period of time the government builded the monument of Enver Hoxha which resisted for 4 years.In 1993 this property was given to the owner’s of Kodra family,and in 2013 the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has given the licence to rebuild their house with the same characteristics and style.

Actually you can enjoy the beautiful view of our town at Bar Kodra!

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